Chilli Challenge


The Chilli team can visit your organisation or attend a party to organise a chilli challenge evening. The ascending heat challenge and chilli roulette, even the Extreme Foods Challenge involving blindfolds and bugs. ................................... Please text Frank on 07721 633233 for a call back at the first available opportunity. ................................... The Chilli Shop will be announcing it's charity and fundraising events here on the website, so check in here to find out how you can help us to help others.

Got a Question for us?

Call the Hotline - 07721 633233

Please LIKE us on our new official facebook page and be in with a chance to win a chilli hamper when we reach 1,000 FACEBOOK LINK:  Chilli-Shop Leeds Merrion Centre TWITTER LINK: @thechillishop



We are to host a huge Chilli Eating Competition during the Yorkshire Food & Drink Festival. Watch this space to enter on the Sunday 5th June 2.30pm. To apply to enter e-mail





PLEASE NOTE THE SHIPPING PRICES ARE UK ONLY. If abroad email us the order and we will quote the extra shipping. We use MyHermes parcel courier, which takes 3-5 working days & sends email tracking.

Fathers Day Hampers 

We will make sure they arrive on time!

Dad you are a 100% Pain Hamper £17.50

Dad you are a 100% Pain Chilli Hamper

The Hot Stuff Hamper:

Valentines Day Chilli Hamper

HOT STUFF HAMPER. Exclusive, yummy and a hot romantic gift with personalised gift tag. £20

The Naughty Hamper:

Naughty Hamper

THE NAUGHTY HAMPER £20. Satans Cashew Nuts, Black Widow Ghost Chocolate, Anal Angst Hot Sauce. £20

 The Lovers Chilli Hampers

Lovers Hamper

THE LOVERS CHILLI HAMPER – A subtle range of foodie items including real chilli hot chocolate, Love Pickle, Maria travel sauce and the Valentina table sauce. A romantic choice for £20

Street Food Recipe Book & Hot Sauce Set £15

Cook Book and Sauce set

Cheeky Gift

Chillies that grow into the shape of a willy!

(yes really) Slip this packet of cheeky seeds into a card you are sending. Click here only £5

Chilli Willy Seeds

These seeds really do grow into the shape of a willy! We can insert them inside a free chilli greeting card if you choose.

Build your own Chilli Hamper for Birthdays & Anniversaries, click on photo here:

Build your own Hamper Tray



Germanos Garlic Oil

This is our choice of the best tasting chilli based product in the Chilliverse! You wont regret buying it, oh wow what an after taste. Truly addictive


We sell Chilli Plants in store

Chilli Plants

Chilli plants being cared for by Anya watched over by Jenny in case she touches the Scorpions. All heat rated and priced accordingly

CHILLI CHALLENGE TABLE  (and challenge a friend)

Challenge Table

Your name could be on this sick bucket!


Anyone you know deserve an Ass Kickin?

Ass Kickin Popcorn


Chilli Jewellery - Single Red

The Chilli Shop, Merrion Centre has been included in the LEEDS LIST top 25 Undeniably Awesome Leeds Date Ideas feature! Seriously. You’ll find the article here:

SURVIVAL GUIDE: Chilli everything at the Merrion Centre, Leeds Arena Quarter shop, bit like a Chilli Festival in a shop… plus this on line Chilli Shop is proud to sell the best of the best.

The scoville units all graded at x/10:

Jalapeno or Chipotle 4/10, Scotch Bonnet or Habanero 7/10, Bhut Jolokia, Naga or Ghost chilli 10/10, Trinidad Scorpion or Carolina Reaper the new Hottest Chilli in the world 20/10. Products using extract like Blair’s Ultra Death or 3am, Daves Insanity, Mad Dog, Hotheadz 2nd Assault or the killer Death Cap Suspect Device are graded over 20/10.

OK you are now safe (ish) to shop.


NEWS… Rob, the comedian who hosts the chilli eating competitions, also grows chilli plants for a living. Now the weather has improved, we have chilli plants in both Brighton and Leeds Shops. Yay! Grow your own weapons.


NEWS FLASH Saturday 14th March 2015


Watch the video:


W O R L D   E X C L U S I V E

as seen on ITV This Morning /heard on BBC Leeds Radio and Made In Leeds TV

the hottest chocolate brownie in the world

Death Chocolate Brownie

I dont Like Chilli




ITV take on the Chilli Shop

Well done ITV and especially Holly Willoughby for using the Chilli-Shop’s products for a on air Chilli Challenge session.

ITVpresenters  THISmorning

Chilli Parties

£5 per head in shop, £10 per head on location


Our best selling hampers (visit the on line shop in the Gift Section):

50 Shades of Pain Hamper 

50 Shades Hamper

Worlds Hottest Snack Hamper

Worlds Hottest Snack Hamper

The Chilli Shop in the Merrion Centre Leeds is probably the most unusual gift shop in the city. We introduced the ’50 Shades of Pain’ Hamper service last November, where you build your own hamper and have it wrapped in a basket for only £3 extra.


Visit the on line shop Chocolate & Snack section to see the daring new I’m a Celeb range of Bush Grubs


Sweet Bravery for kids

We didn’t want to leave the kids out, so we introduced a ‘Sweet Bravery’ section, with real baby scorpions, crickets, meal worms etc, also in lollipops and even chilli lollipops and the hottest gummy bears in the world. An extensive range of super sour sweets as well, means kids can now suffer as much as their parents!

The Experience

We don’t exactly know why, but it just  happens… customers come into the shop. They laugh. They talk to other customers and they dare each other to try things. It’s something more than just shopping….. And we LOVE IT!  We have our heat rating system, which seems to encourage the daredevil in many of our visitors, and we keep a fridge full of cold drinks close at hand for welcome relief for the brave.


Bringing the top range of chilli sauces and chilli gifts from Hotheadz, Blairs, Cambridge Chilli Farm, Daves Insanity, Cambridge Chilli Farm, The Chilli Jam Man, Scovillia, Grim Reaper, Pudsey Pickles, Chilli Wizards, Sussex Fare, Lillys Chilles, Byron Bay etc with worlds hottest chillies: Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost, Naga, Bhut Jolokia, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero, Jalapeno etc to the best events round the north as well as in the shop: ................. Yorkshire Food and Drink Festival in Millenium Square - 3, 4, 5th June. York Food Festival 11-12th June. Vegan Food Festival - Leeds Town Hall Sun 18th June and Sun 27th Nov. Unity Day Hyde Park Leeds Sat 23rd July. Light Night - Outside Harvey Nichols Fri 7th October. Witby Goth Weekend 4-6 Nov. Richmond Christmas Fayre - Sun Dec 4th .................................. Free challenge games in the Leeds Merrion Centre shop: CHILLI CHALLENGE TABLES bring a friend and head to head who can go the hottest. HUNGER GAMES throw 3 darts at the bull to win a prize, miss and the score adds up to the forfeit you eat! Breathing Fire! Try a free shot of 'Lethal Lilt' or Ginger Fear'!!
Product of the week

Expanding Range

We sell hot sauces of course, plus chilli chocolate, biscuits, drinks, chutney, relish, sweet sauces, marinades, BBQ and ketchups, mayo, dried chillies, plants, seeds, cook books, nuts and crisps, sweets and even chilli chocolate brownies!