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The Chilli team can visit your organisation or attend a party to organise a chilli challenge evening. The ascending heat challenge and chilli roulette, even the Extreme Foods Challenge involving blindfolds and bugs. ................................... Please text Frank on 07721 633233 for a call back at the first available opportunity. ................................... The Chilli Shop will be announcing it's charity and fundraising events here on the website, so check in here to find out how you can help us to help others.

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Hamper – Colon Cleaner & Anal Angst


The very funny cheeky hot hamper

Colon Cleaner & Anal Angst Hamper

Colon Cleaner – Looks like a JD bottle, delicious mustard scotch bonnet medium hot sauce. Fab taste over cheese toastie or meats.


Son of Satan’s Sweat – a travel size bottle of 44% strength super hot Ghost chilli

heat-rating-10Anal Angst – a very rude super hot smoky pour on sauce (not veggie)

8_10 Rating



All beautifully wrapped in a whicker hamper tray, bedded into red chilli coloured grass, Scoville heat rating chart added, then cellophaned with a ‘Hottest Gift’ card attached to top.

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