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The Chilli team can visit your organisation or attend a party to organise a chilli challenge evening. The ascending heat challenge and chilli roulette, even the Extreme Foods Challenge involving blindfolds and bugs. ................................... Please text Frank on 07721 633233 for a call back at the first available opportunity. ................................... The Chilli Shop will be announcing it's charity and fundraising events here on the website, so check in here to find out how you can help us to help others.

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Hot Ones featured Valentines Hamper

We were having a think about what a chilli head would want for Valentines Day, obviously not flowers, and we all love the American YouTube program Hot Ones… so we decided lets do a hamper inspired by the cult program.

Hot Ones Hamper


A treasure from Mexico, a mild peppery pour over anything table sauce.


Mad Dog 357 Original

yes the actual one fearured on the program, it really is 357,000 Scoville heat units, how the Mad Dog empire got its name. A super hot chilli challenge one drop only sauce.  Give to your partner then interview them trying the sauces… er don’t kiss them after.


Two rare famous beauties, encased in w whicker hamper, placed safely in red grass and we slip some very hot naughty sweets in the grass before cellophane finishes the job. We ad a red wooden love heart, and if you email us ‘To xxxx’ and ‘love from xxxx’ we will hand script it on the heart inside.
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