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The Chilli team can visit your organisation or attend a party to organise a chilli challenge evening. The ascending heat challenge and chilli roulette, even the Extreme Foods Challenge involving blindfolds and bugs. ................................... Please text Frank on 07721 633233 for a call back at the first available opportunity. ................................... The Chilli Shop will be announcing it's charity and fundraising events here on the website, so check in here to find out how you can help us to help others.

The Yorkshire Food & Drink Festival 2017

Leeds Millennium Square on the big main stage. show presented buy Stephanie Moon and Chilli-Shop.
Produced and promoted by The Yorkshire Evening Post
Saturday 3rd June 5pm

 Extreme Food Tournament


Sunday 4th June 3pm

The Chilli Eating Competition

The 2016 finalists. Owain the Brewer v Dave the experienced chilli champion... We let the audience vote on the winner

The 2016 finalists. Owain the Brewer v Dave the experienced chilli champion… We let the audience vote on the winner


8 contestants are served a meal to forget. Unusual foods & drinks, some shocking or just wrong. Do you have the stomach to survive each round?


Can you handle the heat? 8 contestants eat ever ascending heat chillies, right up to world record levels.

These tournaments will require signing you a legal document to wave your rights to sueing us if you are ill or die (no one has ever died). We ask you to stop if it gets to much, you can pull out at any time. Rules will be explained on stage. The event will be filmed and streamed live on facebook and to big screen, plus images could appear in the press. There wont be a really big prize, as we found competitors stop entering for fun and can make themselves ill. This is for the kudos of being a champion and entertainment for the audience. We hold the right to pull you out the tournament at any stage.

The Extreme Foods Tournament is not suitable for vegetarians (it’s bad!). The winner is judged by the audience by the way you handled eating whatever is put in front of you.

The Chilli Eating Competition is either the last person not to go for the drink, pull out, we think you look ill, or if  the competitors are too evenly matched – the audience will vote for the competitor who is handling the heat the best.

Contact me by e-mail if you wish to enter. No charge. Free drink on stage. Note: you might want to have an early night after or a day off work next day. arrive half hour before start, check in at stage or chilli-shop stall. You can only enter one comp.

Contact us if you want to enter either competition, state, what comp you are entering, your full name, age and why you think you should enter in one sentence. 8 will be contacted as contestants by 1st June and the rest told they are on a waiting list (believe it or not, some people chicken out).


If you want to chat about this, pop in the shop, or have a practice on our tasting tables, our new address: Chilli-Shop Ltd, 70 Merrion Street, Merrion Centre, Leeds LS2 8LW


About 2,000 people watched and voted Owain the Chilli-Shop, Yorkshire Food Festival Champion 2016

About 2,000 people watched and voted Owain the Chilli-Shop, Yorkshire Food Festival Champion 2016


If you have any other questions not about the tournaments, more about the shop and products, you can use the contact form below.

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